HedgeFacts’ clients include investment managers of hedge funds, funds of funds, commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators, and family offices, allocators and investment platforms. HedgeFacts provides a comprehensive range of services, customized to the needs of each individual client, through the HedgeFacts Nested Software Service and the HedgeFacts Concierge Outsource Service.

Nested Software Service

Empower your team to efficiently and promptly produce highest quality analytics, middle office, and back office services with a license for the HedgeFacts software system.

The HedgeFacts nested software service includes a license for HedgeFacts hosted software and ancillary services. Clients use HedgeFacts software to produce all required analytics, middle office, and back office data and reports, including pre-market, intra-day, and end-of-day financial data and analytics reports. Ancillary services include training, onboarding, and data migration from clients’ legacy systems.

Outsource your entire analytics, middle office, and back office operations to HedgeFacts.

HedgeFacts can take care of your middle and back office financial reporting, analytics, and operations, generating data, reports, and information that are in finalized and immediately usable formats (including standard 13-column format).

Concierge Outsource Service


HedgeFacts’ software system handles all types of data for investments, including over-the-counter and actively traded listed instruments for commodities, foreign exchange, equities, options, swaps, derivatives, and fixed income.

This end-to-end-integrated, single-source, and effective platform, with powerful and sophisticated tools, is the bedrock for our nested service and our concierge service.

HedgeFacts Analytics

Middle office
(financial functions)

Back office
(accounting and administrative functions)


HedgeFacts Analytics

HedgeFacts Analytics delivers full spectrum risk, attribution, and performance analyses that are seamlessly integrated with your back office and accounting data. Having an array of analytics at your disposal means you will equally be able to actively monitor VaR and exposure across a range of accounts and source key performance metrics at a moment’s notice. Whether you need to manage market risks, attribute sources of performance by market or trader, or aggregate data for marketing tear sheets, you will find that HedgeFacts Analytics is the perfect platform.

Services include:
  • Active monitoring of risk, exposure, mandates, and performance via the Red Flag Dashboard with custom risk limits per account, trader, strategy, or fund
  • Innovative Value at Risk (“VaR”) modeling environment including advanced methods such as Component VaR decomposition, models that revalue options to properly account for non-linearities in potential losses, and VaR time series control analysis that compares and analyzes VaR projections versus subsequent actual profit/losses
  • Flexible drill-down attribution of profit/losses for any accounts, funds, or trader, /strategy at the sector, product, symbol, or instrument levels in an easy to use pivot table interface
  • Wide array of on-demand performance graphs and statistics, leveraging underlying HedgeFacts accounting data
  • Daily look-throughs across portfolios
  • A library of stress and scenario models

Middle Office
(financial functions)

HedgeFacts provides timely and accurate reports to investment managers and/or investors. These include pre-market reports in relation to all previous day transactions, and reports tracking and monitoring trade breaks. Systems can be customized to meet our clients’ unique needs and workflow requirements.

Services include:
  • Reconciliations (trade, position, and cash)
  • Trade allocations
  • Margin calculations
  • Commission and fee reconciliations
  • Dividend and interest reconciliations
  • Break resolution

Back Office
(accounting and administrative functions)

HedgeFacts provides a comprehensive suite of financial statements and reports including general ledger, trial balance, and income statements.

Services include:
  • Comprehensive financial statements
  • General ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Full shadow accounting
  • Shadow NAV
  • Trade capture and reconciliation
  • Daily and intra-day profit and loss
  • Three-way reconciliation with fund administrators’ NAV calculations
  • Tax reporting
  • Investor invoicing
  • Trade file distribution to third parties
  • Customized management and investor reports


HedgeFacts OMS provides a structured environment for order staging, formulation, delivery, and confirmation. HedgeFacts OMS integrates trade desk management and portfolio management with back office processes and middle office processes in a comprehensive end to end software system.

  • Pre-trade checks ensures proper trading mandates are observed, as well as a robust library of exposure and risk limits to monitor for prospective trades
  • Trade sizing algorithms including common methods such as NAV based, units per million AUM, or trade risk translate buy and sell decisions into specific orders on appropriate scale
  • Full integration with clients’ trade signal environment for systematic traders
  • Translation of model output into actionable orders suitable for execution
  • Order staging previews with flexible order delivery methods and ongoing monitoring of orders status for filled and working orders